What is a Pediatric Dentist?

In the delivery of high quality pediatric dental services, the team at DC Pediatric Smiles approaches treatment by creating a fun, safe, and comfortable environment specifically geared toward children.

As the pediatricians of dentistry, you can be confident that your child is being cared for by a specialist.  Dr Blank has completed an additional three years of training after dental school to offer exceptional care for children of all ages and healthcare needs.  

Beyond Dr Blank, you will find a team of administrators, assistants and hygienists whose love of working with kids has drawn them to a pediatric practice.  We welcome you to come experience what makes our practice so unique and child-focused.   

Emergency Care

We understand that emergencies happen, and we are here to provide care for your child should an emergency occur.  We proudly provide an emergency on-call service 24/7 for current patients and new patients.  

It’s important to note that not all incidents require immediate treatment, and we will consult with you over the phone initially to assess the situation and guide you through the next steps.  

Our number one priority is the comfort, safety and health of your child.  When in doubt, it is always a good idea to consult with a Pediatric Dentist.   

Another great resources for information on dental trauma can be found by visiting AAPD FAQ.

Our Services

Preventative Treatment

Preventative care is the top priority of our practice.  We believe that with regular, preventative visits to the dentist and proper home care we can minimize the need for treatment.  It’s our goal that our patients, their parents and our staff are a team working together to proactively prevent cavities

From the time baby teeth have erupted we recommend visiting our office every six months for a thorough cleaning, fluoride application, hygiene & dietary coaching, digital xrays when appropriate, and an examination by the dentist.  This combination of care closely follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) for the maintenance of your child’s oral health, and assures the best chances of a healthy, happy smile.


Restorative Treatment

When a tooth is diagnosed with active decay, a restorative procedure may be recommended to restore the health and proper function of the tooth.  

Our office uses the highest quality materials for such procedures to achieve the ideal restoration and aesthetic.  These “tooth-colored” fillings are a resin composite material that is always BPA free and most importantly, safe for the patient.

Tooth colored fillings are advantageous for multiple reasons.  Not only do they provide a great esthetic, they are also compatible with sealants.  A composite filling can be placed and sealed with sealant material in the same visit.  The provides the highest level of protection from future decay when combined with proper home care.



Extractions may be recommended for a variety of reasons.  Whether the extraction was recommended by Dr Blank or if you were referred to our practice by another care provider, we will walk you through what to expect with treatment.  

Most extractions can be performed in-office using a local anesthetic and comfort techniques.  Most often, children are able to return to their normal routines and/or school in just a short time after an extraction.

We may refer you to an Oral Surgeon’s office in cases where treatment is more complicated, involves permanent teeth, or other extenuating circumstances.  We work closely with several specialists and will provide you with referrals and recommendations when necessary.

DCPS Comfort

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, commonly referred to as “laughing gas”, is frequently used in pediatric dentistry to help patients remain calm and relaxed during treatment.  It is most often recommended for dental visits that may be longer in duration and require numbing, fillings, or extractions.  The goal is to help a child have a positive experience while successfully completing the dental treatment.

Using a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide that is specifically titrated to your child’s needs, nitrous oxide administration is useful to reduce anxiety, enhance cooperation, and decrease the gag reflex.  Typically, our patients enjoy picking out their “laughing gas” flavor and are pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to use.

Nitrous oxide is extremely safe.  Dr Blank and the team at DC Pediatric Smiles receive specialized training in the use of nitrous oxide.  During administration, nitrous oxide provides patients with a significantly higher concentration of oxygen than normal room air.  Upon the completion of treatment, the nitrous oxide is flushed from the system within a matter of minutes with no lasting effects.