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Excerpt below from CapitallyFrugalDC.com 


Just this past weekend, I was chatting with a few friends about kids, teeth, and dentists. Because when you’re a parent, those become your hot conversational topics. And, they were sharing how they took their first child to their own beloved dentist who gave him a clean bill of mouth. Then, just two short weeks later, they found out one of his teeth had major decay. Shocking, right?!

As a first-time parent, it’s hard to juggle all the different recommendations bombarding you. I mean, why bother making trips to different dentists, right? Don’t adult and pediatric dentists do the same thing? Teeth!?

Not true, my friends. Children’s teeth are an entirely different ball game, and pediatric dentists are trained to check aspects that regular dentists might miss, like in our friends’ situation. I hear those groans – but, don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for you.

A new pediatric dentist, Dr. Derek Blank, has burst onto the DC-area scene, ready to help parents navigate their children’s dental needs.

DC Pediatric Smiles is unique in its accessibility and convenience for busy moms and dads. The practice has free parking, accepts insurance, and offers appointment times on Saturdays and evenings. They are conveniently located in Bethesda, Maryland, close to Rockville, Silver Spring, and Washington, DC. No insurance? Not an issue. Payment plans are personalized to fit the needs of all families to ensure that all patients receive exceptional care. The first visit for children 2 and under is always free. They welcome all patients to come tour their office whenever you would like!

From the moment families walk in the door, they immediately notice the bright and fun office features that set DC Pediatric Smiles apart. Surfboards line the walls of this coastal “beach house” office where children can relax and escape their daily routine. The entire staff at DC Pediatric Smiles is trained specifically to focus on making the dental experience positive and kid-friendly.

The practice is completely paperless with digital x-rays, iPads for children and adults, and online scheduling. Worried about products they use? Be sure to ask Dr. Blank about BPA-free filling materials and dye-free paste!


Bradley Baer